Blog 4 – Insecure about Inequality

“Agricultural Revolution was history’s biggest fraud.Who was responsible? Neither kings, nor priests, nor merchants. The culprits were a handful of plant species, including wheat, rice and potatoes. These plants domesticated Homo sapiens, rather than vice versa.”  ~ Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind The poorest 99% account for 27% of India’s gdp The main reasons for the past poverty of the farmers in the villages we visit are as follows: Lack of dams: dams are built in the regions of Nashik that produce wine, which is more profitable for businesses to export. Regions that produce staple foods such as … Continue reading Blog 4 – Insecure about Inequality

Blog 3 : Tea with the Tribes

“happiness does not really depend on objective conditions of either wealth, health or even community. Rather, it depends on the correlation between objective conditions and subjective expectations.”  ~ Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind Simple Summary: 26% of Nashik’s population are scheduled tribes. They live in the rural areas, getting a living from farming. I spent 3 days a week travelling to 27 different villages in the region. On Thursdays we visit the village of one of the ambulance drivers, who kindly invites us in for tea. Not just the ambulance driver, but every villager always invites us in … Continue reading Blog 3 : Tea with the Tribes