Blog 5 – In Love with India

Today is my last day here in Nashik.

It has been a real rollercoaster ride, mostly filled with ups and very very few downs. I can honestly say I am sad to be leaving. For the first time , in a long long time, I feel content. I feel happy with myself and have gained loving traits. Before I would see slum kids. Now I see beautiful children playing innocently enjoying each other’s company. Before I saw villagers soiled in animal dung ploughing the fields, now I see my countrymen working hard to provide our families with food on the table and see that it is my responsibility to ensure they do not get caught in the agricultural scam.

I have always had love for my home country, India, Bharat, Hindustan. After this experience, I love my country even more, I love the beauty of the pitruesque landscapes filled with waterfalls and lush fields of rice. I love the warm smiles of my countrymen who are delighted to see me. I love the cows, mothers who gives us its milk, peacocks, chickens and goats alike.

This experience has changed me. Not in an obvious explainable way, but I feel I have found my purpose. I feel I know what makes me content and satisfied, something I have been in the pursuit of for years. I am unexplainably blissful. I am intoxicated without being under the influence.

I do not see the people here and feel sorry for them. I am proud of my brothers and sisters. What they go through everyday , the unconditional love they have for a person who smiles and says “Namaskar” to them. The values they have where they feed their guests with a smile on their face but empty stomachs. The gratitude and respect they show to organisations that care about them and their wellbeing.

I am in love with Bharat. The sweat, the insect bites, the glistening freshwater falls, the snarling wild dogs, the lush green fields, the strong smelling streets, the tasty spicy food. I love it all and want to come back here as often as I can.

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